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About Furious Studio

Located in Paris France, Furious Studio is a young interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. We have been excitedly engaged, for the past few years, in development working on our company's first mobile game application big title, Furious Bounce. Near to completion, we received a strong positive feedback and support from our future players exhibited at Paris Games Week (the 3rd largest video game event in the world).

Furious Studio is comprised of talented and motivated individuals with strong video game development skills, latest development software experience, and gaming background. Indeed, a part of Furious Bounce's team comes from Graphic design schools and perform at their best to offer high quality graphics to you. The other part of the team come from ESIEE Paris, a highly selective French engineering college with a strong formation in Math, Physics, Algorithms, and Computer Science. Ideal for high-level development and performance optimization on multi-faceted mobile devices.

Staunchly passionate regular game players since the advent of the advanced generation of game consoles, we believe we know what makes for a really good gaming experience! Our company and team mission is to develop greatly rewarding mobile game applications for all ages, players, systems and platforms. Developing the most fun, thrilling, and engaging entertainment experiences available in the marketplace.

Together we are going to create the future of mobile gaming !

Team Members

Mohamed-Ali Bakkal

Furious Studio CEO - Game Developer

Founder and Owner in charge of the company, he is always ready for challenges and always available to help us create wonderful things.

Michael Martinez

Furious Bounce CTO - Game Developer

Michael is Furious Bounce co-developer and webmaster:
Gameplay, User-Interface, Social features.

Anthony Peltier

Illustrator, Graphic Artist, and Web Designer

Anthony is responsible for the Creation of 2D Illustrations for Visual HUD/UI Design, Web Design, and Marketing Communications.

Julie Viel

Graphic Artist 3D Modeling

Julie is Graphic Artist 3D, Modeler of Furious Bounce Scenes and Characters.

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